Membership Guidelines

Manningham Toy Library Inc is a not-for-profit organisation run by its members.

Our paid co-ordinators run the borrowing sessions and oversee the toy collection.

A volunteer committee of management oversees the operation of the toy library as an organisation.

Our newsletter, Toy Talk, is published four times a year, and it keeps members up to date with what’s happening at the toy library as well as being a source of information about toys and play.

Cleaning Toys

Always allow time to clean toys before returning them to the toy library.

ALL toys need to be returned clean and dry, including bath toys, outdoor toys and ride-ons.

All items in our collection can be cleaned with hot, soapy water or wiped over with disinfectant. An old toothbrush and a skewer (used with a damp cotton ball or soft cloth) are both useful cleaning tools.

Don’t immerse toys in water or leave them to soak, especially wooden toys.

Wooden puzzles can be wiped over and if a puzzle comes packaged in a stocking slip, it needs to be returned the same way.

Any special instructions about the packaging of toys and puzzles will be found on the outside of the box or bag.

Costumes should be handwashed and never put away in their bag damp.

Under no circumstances should battery toys be immersed in water.

It is a condition of membership that toys are returned clean and dry.

Checking In

Return Green Room toys (outdoor and larger toys) first, if you have any, and then return your remaining toys to the other building.

Please wait at the check-in tables while your items are being checked so that you can help the member on duty if they have any questions about parts, and so that you can return the toys to the appropriate shelf as they are checked. Report any missing or damaged pieces.

Checking Out

Please be sure to check items before borrowing, just in case a mistake was made at check-in. A designated table is available near the co-ordinator’s desk. If you do not notify the co-ordinator that a piece is missing when you are borrowing the toy you will assume responsibility for the replacement of the piece.

Missing Pieces

If an item is incomplete upon return, we ask that you re-borrow the whole item and attempt to find the missing piece/s. More often than not, missing pieces are recovered in this time! If not, a fine is payable, but if missing pieces are subsequently found and returned, your fine is refunded.

Overdue Items

The loan period is for a maximum of 3 weeks. Overdue fines apply to items that are not returned on time. If you are unable to return toys on time, phone/text the toy library in advance on 0415 081 370 to avoid a fine. Loans can be extended by 1 week.